Stamp, found in Megido excavations.
Written: "To Shima Yerovam slave".
From the period of Israel kingdom
12 century BC.



Dan Yehuda Schlesinger Ltd. a company, focused at the design of industrial facilities, production plants, material handling, process and power systems.

The company is leaded by Dan Yehuda Schlesinger a dip. Mechanical Engineer, at the Ben Gurion University 1977. Dan was born in Jerusalem 1950.
At 1997 he received Kaplan Price, the highest technologic award of the state of Israel.

The knowledge and the experience results of tremendous number of projects handled during the last 3 decades.
The following list presents, in a glance, the ineresting projects:

Coal handling system at Hadera Power station, production plants for Bromine, Flash calcinations plant for Phosphate, settlers for Potassium, Textile plant,  Plastics compounds plants,  dust elimination, fuel facilities and storage tanks, sulfur open storage and it's handling equipment, animals food production plants, café production plants, systems for solar salt, machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, and many others fields of Industry.

Various projects cooperates design and management activities. Following are listed some of the more important projects:

Cement additives plant Carmit Mr. Fix. Concentrator at Dead Sea works, Settler at Makhtashim, Textile production plant at Noam Urim. Draying plant at Makhtashim, production plant for bromine compounds, draying plant at Rotem fertilizers, Crushing plant at Oron, Special Material handling System at the atomic research comity, Multiplication of a production plant at Poliram - plastic compound manufacturer an many more.


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